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Software for designing support assemblies, developed in-house by Bergen Pipe Supports, is available free-of-charge to customers. There are two programs, PSDesigner (available upon request) and PSLCAD (available for download):


PSDesigner Version 2

To request a free download of PSDesigner V2 please click here 

PSDesigner is a completely new support assembly design program, which uses its own drafting engine, removing the need for recipients to have third-party CAD installed on their own computers. PSDesigner is a versatile tool for designing pipe hanger assemblies using Bergen Pipe Supports' standard components. Detailed hanger drawings are produced which include bills of material. By using the program, a bill of material and quotation for the hangers on a whole project can be quickly produced.

• The system enables the design of ‘standard’ hanger and support assemblies.
• Selection criteria, client, project and system data are entered to establish the basic parameters for selection of spring hangers and snubbers and to populate the drawing title block.
• Support arrangements are configured from the User Interface.
• Dimensions and support data are entered via dialogue boxes, selections are made by the software.
• The support configuration is validated by internal checks to identify incompatibility and interference between components.
• Detailed, scale drawings with Bill of Material are produced showing either 2D or 3D representations of the hanger, the hanger assembly is priced and the BOM is exported all through the software.

There are 3D catalogues in the following proprietary programs: 
Intergraph Smart3D
Aveva PDMS

Aveva Everything 3D (E3D)
PSDesigner links to 3D programs:

1) Stand-alone program – 3D Export using IGES, DXF, STEP or STL. When using PSDesigner in stand-alone mode, use the “File/Export” button to export the model in your chosen file type. This enables hanger models to be placed into any 3D plant modelling system or drawings to be transferred to most popular CAD tools.

2) PDMS V12.1 - We have a dedicated interface created & written by Aveva to ensure trouble free integration of PSDesigner Version 2.0.01 & later with Aveva’s PDMS plant modelling software tool. PSDesigner creates the hanger or support using the data available from the plant model & the resident library of Bergen Pipe Supports products.

3) Smart3D R2014 - We have a dedicated interface created & written by Intergraph to ensure trouble free integration of PSDesigner Version 2.0.01 & later with Intergraph’s Smart 3D plant modelling software tool. Again the hanger or support is generated using the data available from the plant model & the resident library of Bergen Pipe Supports products.

Catalogue Browser in PSDesigner V2.0.01                                           3D hanger model in PSDesigner V2.0.01 

PSDesigner is supplied with our full product catalogue & a 3D product browser. Some parts are able to be dragged & dropped into your drawings directly from the catalogue browser.

The software, interfaces & full installation & operating instructions are provided on request.

Hanger drawing produced using PSDesigner V2.0.01. Drawing frames are entirely customisable using the supplied Frame tool & standard templates as your starting point.



Download here

PSLCAD is an AutoLisp utility that works in conjunction with all versions of AutoCAD from R14 to 2018 version. In conjunction with ToolKitMax or CADSTA Max, it is also compatible with AutoCAD LT versions from 2007 to 2018.

Pipe Supports Group components are selected and drawn using various algorithms and parametric drawing tools. PSLCAD allows highly accurate detailing of our standard hanger components and spring supports.

a. Snubbers, Constant and Variable Effort supports are selected within specified criteria by entering the load and movement required. They are placed in the drawing frame showing the connection points in their true positions for the pre-set load/movement.

b. Ancillary components are selected via simple icon menus or by typing the component part code at the command line. The size is pre-determined by the previously selected part (spring unit, clamp or beam attachment).

c. The drawing is created by simply placing each part onto its mating part using object snaps. Additional detail is added to the drawing using conventional AutoCAD facilities.

d. As each PSL part is added to the drawing the bill of materials (BOM) is automatically created. Hanger rod and supplementary steel lengths are calculated automatically and the length entered into the BOM.

e. A location plan is automatically created if the user requests such, grid references and dimensions are added via dialogue boxes.

f. The BOM is an exportable text file that can be consolidated over a range of drawings to make estimating and planning virtually effortless.

The PSLCAD utility provides significant enhancements to AutoCAD regardless of version you are using. We provide the ability to generate steel sections, fasteners & a whole range of standard pipe hanger components that you can add into your existing drawings. PSLCAD provides the pipe support engineer with a comprehensive toolbox selecting & drawing parts to scale, enabling them to be placed anywhere within the drawing.


Our support data is included in the following piping analysis programs: 

• Caesar II by COADE. Bergen Pipe Supports' variable effort support data is included in Caesar II Version 5.00 under ‘Pipe Supports’, and will also be in the new Version 5.20 when this is released. In Caesar II Versions 4.50 and earlier, Bergen Pipe Supports' supports are listed under the name ‘Comet’ (this used to be our brand name). 

• Autopipe 3D piping analysis program, supplied by Rebis.

• Triflex piping analysis software supplied by Software Solutions.

• Logisterion P10 piping analysis software.

• ROHR2 supplied by SIGMA Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH. Bergen Pipe Supports' data for spring hangers and spring supports has now been implemented in ROHR2. ROHR2 users can update the program via the implemented update function.

• CAEPIPE, but we may be listed under the name ‘Comet’ (this used to be our brand name).