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Cryogenic Supports

Bergen cryogenic pipe supports are manufactured in India. The Company offers a complete service including design, manufacture of clamps and steelwork, manufacture of High-Density Polyurethane Foam (HD PUF), testing and assembly. Anchors and stops can be supplied with fitted spools, ready for installation on site.

The India facility is equipped with 4 modern high-pressure foam injection machines, each equipped with an isocyanate tank and two polyol tanks enabling us to switch between densities very quickly, ensuring maximum production flexibility. We have worked closely with chemical specialists to develop a range of chemicals that enable us to produce rigid high-density polyurethane in densities ranging from 100 to 600kg/m3 . The chemical is completely CFC and HCFC free and gives extremely low thermal conductivity combined with good compressive, flexural and tensile strength properties.

Standard supports are available, but in many cases cryogenic are designed and manufactured in accordance with customers' precise requirements. To view the catalogue pages on cryogenic supports please select Metric or Imperial


Part CS01 Part CS01                               Part CG01  Part CG01                        
Part CG02 Part CG02    Part CG03 Part CG03  


ANSYS - Total Deformation   Cryogenic support design using ANSYS  
Manufacture of HD PUF   Manufacture of High-Density Polyurethane Foam
(HD PUF) on high-pressure foam injection machine
D PUF Segments   HD PUF segments  
Cryogenic support with fitted spool   Part-assembled cryogenic anchor support with fitted spool   
Completed cryogenic supports with fitted spools   Completed anchor supports with fitted spools