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Dynamic Restraints

Concentric Snubbers  

The new hydraulic snubbers are more compact, corrosion-resistant, and built on over 30 years of experience of manufacturing snubbers and dynamic restraints. They are available in 17 combinations of stroke and capacity, with stroke lengths up to 300mm and load-bearing capacity up to 1000kN.

To view the new catalogue for our range of Concentric Snubbers and Restraints please click here for the metric version or click here for the imperial version. Downloadable PDF versions are also available in the Download Area.

A full range of rigid struts is manufactured, together with special clamps. 

Concentric Snubber - Cutaway View

Struts & Clamps            

To view Sway Braces please click Metric or Imperial.

Products supplied prior to 2014 are shown in the previous catalogue as follows: 
Rigid Struts and Snubbers please click here 
Special Clamps please click Metric or Imperial.