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U-Bolts & Overstraps

 Bergen supplies both standard and special U-Bolts.

 Large U-Bolts



Photograph of large U-Bolts: M145 x 6mm pitch to suit 1996mm diameter.



                        PSCoated-FR80LF  U-Bolts 
                        (Teflon-coated, Comlin 
                        sheath) for Offshore Industry. 

                        Teflon-Coated U-Bolts



 Bergen Pipe Supports range includes the following standard products: 


 F311 U-Bolt Grip Type                               U-Bolt Grip Type   F311 Metric or Imperial                  


F311 U-Bolt Grip Type


            U-Bolt Non-Grip Type   F313 Metric or Imperial

 F314-322 Welded Overstraps


  Welded Overstraps                 F314-322 Metric or Imperial                         
F347 & 383 Hold-Down Clamps   Hold-Down Straps   F347 & 383 Metric or Imperial 


 Image being prepared



U-Straps (Grip & Non-Grip)

             F371-374 Metric or Imperial