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Copper Tubing Hangers

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 TYPE                                 DESCRIPTION  

 PART NUMBER          


 Figure 1A CT Copper Tubing Hand Hanger   Designed to support non-insulated, copper tubing lines from above.
Install the same as Figure 1A.

Figure 1A CT                      

 Figure 12CT Eye Socket   Figure 12CT is designed for attaching a rod to split ring
type clamps. Available in 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" rod sizes.

Figure 12CT

 Figure 34CT Hinge Hanger for Copper Tubing   Designed to support non-insulated, stationary lines from above.
The hinged design is easier to install making it ideal for retrofit needs.
The Figure 38CT Hanger Adjustor (below) is commonly used to connect
to this part.

Figure 34CT

 Figure 38CT Hanger Adjuster  

The Figure 38CT is an economical alternative to using turnbuckles for
vertical piping adjustment with our Figure 34 Hinge Hanger (above).
Available in 3/8" and 1/2" rod sizes only.



Figure 38CT

 Figure 66CT Stamped Steel Hanger  




Our Figure 66CT Stamped Steel Hanger for copper tubing is a strong,
neat, and light concealed screw hanger. It supports the tubing one inch
from the back of the tube to thewall and has only two parts. It takes the
place of rough unsightly looking hangers in a finish room and eliminates
the use of ordinary pipe clips.




Figure 66CT

 Figure 72CT Copper Tubing Pipe Clip   The Figure 72CT is designed to hold copper tubing flush to the mounting

Figure 72CT 

 Figure 81CT, 81SCT Copper Extension Ring Hanger   This split ring hanger is designed for the support of non-insulated copper
tubing lines. The Figure 81CT is furnished tapped for bolt thread and is
used with the Figure 85CT Ceiling Plate. Also available in a two bolt design. 

Figure 81CT, 81SCT

 Figure 85CT, 85SCT Single Plate   The Figure 85CT (Rod Tapped – Copper Finish) and 85SCT (Rod Tapped,
Steel – Copper Finish) are designed for attaching a rod to a wooden
member. This part is normally used in conjunction with our Figure 81CT
and SCT Split Ring (above).

Figure 85CT, 85SCT 

 Figure 90CT Split Ring Hanger, Double Tapping  

This split ring hanger is designed for the support of non-insulated
stationary pipe lines, one pipe line under the other, by means of a
pipe nipple or threaded rods. The Figure 85CT Ceiling Plate is normally
used with this product. The combined loads for all hangers used must
not exceed the rating of the structural attachment.



Figure 90CT

 Figure 100CT Copper Clevis Hanger  

Designed to support non-insulated, stationary copper tubing lines from
above, allowing for approximately 1" to 1 1/2" of vertical adjustment after
the tubing is in place. The lower nut (not furnished) adjusts the pipe line
to the proper elevation, the top nut (not furnished) prevents loosening
due to vibration, and must be tightened securely to assure proper hanger



Figure 100CT 

 Figure 126CT Copper Riser Clamp   The Figure 126CT is normally used for the support of uninsulated vertical
tubing where no movement will occur. 

Figure 126CT

 Figure 365CVB Copper Tubing Insulation Shield   Figure 365 CVB is designed to insulate the pipe and tubing for thermal
efficiency as well as to provide a vapor barrier to prevent moisture
condensation after installation. The product is comprised of a poly-urethane
insulation, an outer wrapper and a galvanized steel shield.
Recommended for an operating temperature range of –200° F (-129° C)
to +250° F (121° C).

Figure 365CVB 

Figure 800CT Copper Tubing Swivel Ring   

Designed for the support of non-insulated static copper tubing lines.
The swivel nut is knurled to provide a gripping surface when adjusting
the tubing elevation.



Figure 800CT