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Beam Clamps

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 TYPE                                 DESCRIPTION  

 PART NUMBER          


 Figure 6 Top Beam Clamp   The Figure 6 is designed to support piping from top members of
angle iron trusses or the top flange of I-beams.

Figure 6

 Figures 14, 14A Adjustable Beam Clamp   The Figure 14 is designed to clamp to the bottom of flanged
beams. After installation the unit is locked into position
with a hex nut and lock washer. Figure 14A is designed for
wider flange widths, please see table.

Figure 14/14A

 Figure 15 Beam Clamp   The Figure 15 is designed to attach to the bottom of
flanged beams. Normally used with the Figure 93 Eye Rod
or Figure 279 Eye Nut.

Figure 15

 Figure 18 Top or Side Beam Clamp  

The Figure 18 clamp is made in two parts. When bolted
together they prevent the movement of the clamp from
its position. The supporting rod is installed close to the
flange of the beam.


Figure 18

 Figure 31 J Beam Hook   The Figure 31 is used in conjunction with our Figure 33
Machine Thread Eye Rod when it is necessary to support
piping from the top flange of beam which allows the pipe
to run close to the bottom of the beam where headroom
is limited.

Figure 31

 Figure 82 Adjustable Beam Clamp   The Figure 82 is designed to attached to the bottom of
flanged beams without requiring welding. Normally used
with the Figure 157 Extension Piece (Not Furnished) up to
a maximum 7/8" (M20) rod diameter. Loading is achieved
through the clamp jaws while locking is accomplished
by tightening the through-bolt located directly below the
flange. Maximum flange thickness is 0.60 inches.

Figure 82

Figure 217 Adjustable Side Beam Clamp    The Figure 217 is designed to attach mechanically to a steel
beam and allow a drop rod to placed at or near the edge of
the beam. Various beam flange widths and thicknesses can
be accommodated 

Figure 217

 Figure 268 Beam Clamp   Designed to allow the connection of hanger rods to steel
beams without welding. Vertical rod adjustment is approximately
2 inches after installation.

Figure 268 

 Figure 297 Steel Beam Clamp with Eyenut   The Figure 297 beam clamp with eyenut is used when welding to
the structure is prohibited for supports where some movement
is expected. The clamping effect is produced by the “ice tong”
action of the arms and is locked in place by the through-bolt
located just under the beam flange. 


Figure 297

Figure 314 extended Beam Clamp    The Figure 314 is used where the supporting I beam is to be
covered with fireproofing material. The bottom bolt has a
spacer to allow for free movement of the connecting eyerod
or weldless eyenut.

Figure 314 

 Figure 702 Beam Clamp with Swing Nut   Identical in design to the Figure 15 Beam Clamp (above), the
Figure 702 comes with the addition of a right-hand tapped
swing nut.

Figure 702