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 TYPE                                 DESCRIPTION  

 PART NUMBER          


Figure 11 Flattened End Lag Screw    The Figure 11 is normally used with perforated extension bar
to support light duty loads from wooden structures.
Supplied with bolt and nut.

Figure 11

 Figure 59 Toggle Bolt   The spring toggle bolt is the most popular hollow wall fastener
used today. The wings are fitted with coil springs that open
when inserted into the wall. Gravity is not a factor making it
possible to be used in any position.

Figure 59

 Figure 107 Steel Coach Screw   Figure 107 Coach Screws are normally used on our Figure 303 

Figure 107

 Figure 162 Hex Head Bolt  

Hex head bolt with UNC threads. Stocked for immediate shipment.
Various lengths available.

Also available in alloy (A193B7), stainless steel (316 and 18-8),
and high strength (A325).



Figure 162

 Figure 166 Steel Drive Screw   Drive Screws are normally used on our Figure 153 Side Beam

Figure 166

 Figures 165, 165H Hex Nut   Material is an ASTM A-563 Grade A (Alloy and Stainless Steel
grades are available). Sizes 1 3/4" and larger are only
available as a Figure 165H. RH tap will be furnished. LH tap
is special order. 

Figures 165, 165H

 Figures 103, 103E, 103G, 103S Round Washer   Round Washer  

Figures 103, 103E, 103G, 103S

 Figure 176 Lock Washer   Lock Washer   

Figure 176 

 Figure 514 Drop-In Type Concrete Anchor   The Figure 514 is used for bolting components to concrete
structures. The shell is slotted and internally threaded with
a pre-assembled integral expander plug. 

Figure 514 

 Figure 1309 Wedge Anchor   The Figure 1309 is used for bolting components to concrete
structures. Allows for through drilling applications. 

Figure 1309 




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