Spring Selector is a C++ stand-alone programme that is used to select variable and constant effort supports.

In the centre of the dialogue box all possible spring selections are shown for the load and movement selected. If you would prefer to choose one of the other spring sizes shown, you can select it by clicking on it.

In the top left of “Spring Selector” a drop-down box gives the choice of spring types. The representation of the type of spring below the drop-down box alters when a different selection is made.

To the right of the list of spring sizes, the coloured arrow indicates where the operating movement of the spring is in relation to its total operating range (i.e. the grey area, with the overtravel shown at either end for variable effort supports). In the example shown the bottom of the arrow shows the preset position, and the top of the arrow shows the operating position. The direction of the arrow indicates that there is an upward movement. For a downward movement the arrow will point downwards (and the preset and operating positions will be reversed). The optimal position of the arrow is in the middle of the total operating range.