The Pipe Supports Group is one of the largest manufacturers of specialist pipe supports designed to carry pipework for LNG and Cryogenic applications. Since 2001 we have supplied many of the major LNG projects around the World. The range now includes high density polyurethane foam, glass reinforced resins and laminated wood, used to both isolate and/or insulate the pipe from the surrounding environment while transferring the forces & dead-weight in to the supporting structure. Widely used in the oil and gas industry our cryogenic supports can be found all over the world. PSG has been instrumental in the development of the corporate standards of several major EPC’s. The Group is now a world leader in the manufacture and supply of cryogenic supports for LNG terminals and chemical plants.

We have worked closely with chemical specialists to develop a range of chemicals that enable us to produce rigid high density polyurethane (HD PUF) in densities ranging from 100 to 600kg/m3. The chemical is completely CFC and HCFC free and gives extremely low thermal conductivity combined with good compressive, flexural and tensile strength properties. Our facility is equipped with modern high-pressure foam injection machines each equipped with an isocyanate tank and two polyol tanks enabling us to switch between densities very quickly ensuring maximum production flexibility.