The Pipe Supports Group has been supplying supports to the Nuclear Industry since its earliest days in the UK, evolving products and designs for its specific requirements. Now awarded ASME ‘NS’ Approved Vendor status, a globally recognised certification for nuclear applications, the Group supplies its products to the global nuclear power industry. With the financial backing of our parent company, Hill & Smith Holdings PLC, we intend to play a significant part in the construction of the new nuclear power stations to be built in the UK.

We are also setting our sights on nuclear programmes throughout Europe, China, India, the Middle East and the USA. Pipe Supports Group Limited is strongly focussed on supplying a Global Solution to the World nuclear power plant constructors. The US factory is accredited to ASME III, Division 2, Sub-section NF and has been awarded the ASME NS certificate for the supply of pipe supports to nuclear installations. Our US facility located in Donora, Bergen Power Pipe Supports has an established track-record of supplying to the US nuclear power programme.


Bergen Power Pipe Supports Inc. in Woburn, USA holds a Certificate of Authorization from the ASME for the use of the NPT Symbol for Class 1,2,3 and MC Component Supports. The Quality Program complies with 10CFR50 Appendix B and ANSI N45.2. Supports have been supplied to the Nuclear Industry for many years.