The global Power Industry has been the key customer for the Pipe Supports Group throughout the last 60 years. In the last year alone we have supplied supports and ancillary equipment to 18 new and existing power plants in a dozen countries across all five continents. Whether fossil fuel, gas, nuclear, renewables or hydroelectric, our equipment can be found in many power plants across the globe.

‘Hydrau-Constants’ – special constant effort supports with snubbers – used on a Main Steam System close to the safety valves. In normal operation these Constants will support the critical piping with a low variability. However, when the safety valves blow off and force the piping down, the sudden downward velocity activates the snubber and limits the downward growth, to the maximum calculated deflection. When the safety valves stop their blow-off, the velocity goes to zero, the snubber then releases its restraining effect, and allows the pipe to move back to its intended position. It is not intended to become rigid and lock the piping during the event.

Special fabricated clamps. These were rubber- lined to prevent abrasion on an FRP (Fibre-Reinforced Plastic) pipe system.
Open Coil Units
Bergen Constant Effort Supports and Snubbers being installed in a new powerplant in The Netherlands.