Variable Effort Supports

Variable Effort Supports are used to support the weight of pipework or equipment whilst allowing a degree of movement relative to the supporting structure. Where pipes transport hot (or cold) liquids or gases they expand (or contract) due to the difference between operating and ambient temperatures. It is necessary to support the pipe in operating and ambient conditions, whilst permitting movement between the two.

Variable Effort Supports may also be needed to cater for ambient temperature variation local to items of plant or long vertical pipe runs, or where pipes pass between buildings that may be subject to relative movement due to subsidence or earthquake.

Infinitely Variable Locking Device

Infinitely Variable Locking/Balancing Device. Every unit is sent to site locked in the D.T.S. (Despatched To Site) position shown on the general arrangement drawing for the contract. The locking mechanism comprises two locking rods which run the full length of the spring housing. The hanger is locked and becomes a rigid support by restraining the spring compression plate as shown in the picture. The locking device being constructed from two threaded members operates in an infinitely variable number of positions and is securely attached to the support for future re-use, regardless of pipework position.

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  • Base Mounted (BM3)

  • Base Mounted with Roller (BM4)

  • Base Mounted with Roller Support (BM2)

  • Base Mounted with Standard Load Pad (BM1)

  • Double Support (DS)

  • Extended Support (ES)

  • Top Adjustable (TA)

  • Top Suspended (TS1)

  • Top Suspended (TS2)

  • Top Suspended (TS3)

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